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Many people enjoy the RV lifestyle with the freedom to pick up and go on weekend outings. For some, a recreational vehicle allows them to feel this liberty without having to sacrifice the comforts of home. Whether someone is a weekender, an RV vacationer, a snowbird or a full-timer, we welcome them to enjoy the beautiful lake views at the Bluewater RV Campground in Dayton, TN.

In 2016, we expanded to offer an additional 21 all-level 60-foot concrete full-hookup RV spaces, as well as an RV storage lot for those who simply want to drive their car to Dayton to use their RV during vacations. A lot of full-timers even have cars since motor homes are difficult to use as local transportation. Since many of our guests are fishing enthusiasts, Bluewater Resort also has a boat and trailer storage lot.

What does it take to adopt the RV lifestyle? Depending on how long one wishes to occupy their RV, some things to consider:


Relocating to a smaller home offers some benefits such as saving money on furniture and appliances, reduced stress from less upkeep or yardwork to do, energy savings, and getting rid of clutter. The challenge is fitting all of the necessities of life inside an RV. To achieve this comfortably, travelers need to adapt the “less is more” attitude. When you do need something, Wal-Mart and Lowe’s are just a few miles away.


Although RV owners have the freedom of relocating and traveling anytime they wish, the reality of laundry and shopping still exist. At Bluewater, we offer laundry access for our guests and the convenience of many products in our General Store. We also have a garbage dumpster by Shaver Loop Road and connections for sewer drain. Guests also have access to a bathhouse and can use our pavilion for entertaining guests.


Those living full time in an RV can use a postal mail forwarding service or have bills sent to email. We offer 50-amp electricity service, expanded Cable TV and Wi-Fi. For those who simply travel from time-to-time, the solution can be as simple as asking a willing friend to collect and possibly forward postal mail as needed. These days, many fixed-foundation homes lack a landline as more of us use a mobile phone on the go. It’s good to get away from it all, but we do need to stay on the radar so our friends and family can reach us.


Snowbirds come down south because they like the relatively warm winters in Tennessee. Sure, there’s the occasionally snow here in Dayton, but nothing like what they experience up there. When buying an RV, it’s important to make sure it will keep you comfortable in a wide range of weather conditions. Again, Bluewater’s RV storage lot is a great solution for those who only spend part of the time occupying their trailer.


It can get boring unless you’re actually taking your RV someplace where you can do interesting things. Fishing is, of course, a major attraction on Chickamauga Lake. Bluewater Resort makes it easy for our guests to enjoy hours on the lake. There’s also the social aspect of getting to know your neighbors in an RV Campground, perhaps enjoying a beer around the fire pit on a chilly night. Bluewater has a playground for children and offers kayak and pontoon boat rentals. Golf, hiking and geocaching are just some of the ways our guests spend their free time.

Whatever your game plan for enjoying your RV, we hope that Bluewater offers the comforts and conveniences you need to make our estate a regular part of your travels. To learn more, call 423.775.3265 or email [email protected]. To book your RV space at Bluewater, visit https://www.sunrisereservations.com/reservation/selectSiteCriteria?cgId=130