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You can be tempted to believe that Bluewater is only good to visit during warmer months, but you’d be wrong. In fact, wintertime can be a great occasion to stay on the water and save money while doing it!

Here are 3 reasons to make Bluewater your winter Lodge resort getaway destination:

Fire Pits

Spacious fire pits are a great addition outside our new Lodge, and they can also be found outside the Lake House and beside the covered Marina and the Pavilion to the rear of General Store. Just imagine the fun you can have enjoying the serenity of nature while bundled up under a blanket with that special someone – or perhaps joking around and swapping fishing tales with the guys while enjoying an adult beverage or two. Many people will spend the winter couped up inside their homes watching TV, but at Bluewater, you have the option to comfortably get outside and simply enjoy spending some time under God’s big blue sky. With the heat generated by these fire pits, you can extend your outdoor living season to year-round.

Fishing on Chickamauga Lake

If you love fishing, you won’t let cold weather keep you off the water. In fact, you could be rewarded with the catch of a lifetime in “the Chick”. That was certainly the case when Rogne Brown caught his single-day weight record catch of 40 pounts, 14 ounces and a confirmed 49-pound stringer during the month of February. In the wintertime, the numbers of fish do decline, but so do the number of other anglers competing for those prize catches. With Bluewater’s year-round covered and uncovered docks, a great day of fishing is just a few minutes of prep away.


November through February marks what we refer to as the “low season” around here. During this time of year, you can save $50 per night on a Lodge or Lake House accommodations. You can save $30 per night on our cabins. When you combine that with the ability to cook your own meals in the kitchens, that’s a lot of money you can save on a vacation getaway versus traveling during the peak tourist season.

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